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What Happens If I Can't Afford a Lawyer?- The Unites State Constitution guarrantees every criminal defense charged with a crime a righ to a free attorney. The court in your jurisdiction will appoint you an attorney if you cannot afford one.

Can I Hire My Own Attorney?- As long as you do not interefere with the adminsitration of the Court you can hire any licensed attorney that you wish to represent you in court.

What Should I Look For in a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer?- EXPERIENCE. When you hire any attorney make sure that lawyer has experience in the legal area that you need help in. In many smaller jurisdictions there may be lawyers that are jack of all trades. However, look for one that has handled your type of legal problem succesfully in the past.

How Much Do Lawyers Cost?- Good attorneys are in high demand and most have spent years perfecting their skills. Thus, they can be very expensive. When in comes to criminal defense you should strive to hire the very best you can afford. Because at the end of the day the question becomes-how much is your freedom worth?